Learn the secrets to Caregiver Recruitment and Retention from your own home!

The home care industry is experiencing a Caregiver Crisis.  

Turnover in the home care industry is out of control at 80%. Seniors suffer under a shortage of caregivers, caregivers suffer from burn-out, and home care companies struggle to stay in operation under exorbitant turnover-related costs.  

What many home health care companies don’t realize is that this problem is fixable, even when resources are limited.  

Learn Proven Industry Best Practices to Increase Retention, Lower Costs, Increase Caregiver Work Satisfaction, and Improve Patient Outcomes.  

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You will:

  • Learn how to reduce costs while increasing caregiver workplace satisfaction and improving patient outcomes
  • Learn what care providers need to feel supported and satisfied at work on factors other than pay to reduce turnover
  • Learn how to reduce accidents, injuries, mistakes, and OSHA costs
  • Learn how to fight burn-out and compassion fatigue among care providers
  • Learn the latest recruitment strategies and what caregivers look when deciding where to work
  • Learn how to reduce call outs and no shows and decrease staffing and turnover costs 

20% of the recording sales will go to The Institute for Dignity and Grace

Conference Discussion Topics

  • The State of Caregiver Recruiting; Why the Numbers Don’t Lie
  • Create the Culture that Retains Excellence
  • Retention Plans that Work
  • Compassionate Communication in Times of Urgency and Distress
  • Preventing Leadership Burnout
  • Evolve Your Caregiver Recruitment
  • Mission Possible

Highlighted Speakers

Steve Weiss

Steve Weiss is the Co-Founder of The Institute for Dignity and Grace, Co-Founder of Mindful Caring, and President and Owner of Hurricane Marketing Enterprises

Steve is a dynamic and entertaining public speaker, known for his expert knowledge in all things sales and marketing.  

Steve’s passion is to educate and inspire care leaders to improve quality of care to all patients in need. 

Dr. Laurel Geise, MBA, D.Min.

Dr. Laurel Geise is the Co-Founder of Mindful Caring and President and Owner of The Geise Group. 

Dr. Geise is recognized as a leading expert in Mindfulness at Work program deployment.  

Laurel has introduced thousands of people to the benefits of mindfulness over the last twenty years. In her efforts, she aspires to inform her audiences about the benifits of mindfulness practice and how it can decrease stress and increase productivity. 

Anne-Lise Gere, SPHR

Anne-Lise Gere, SPHR is an independent Human Resources consultant and owner of Gere Consulting Associates LLC. Her professional practice focuses on establishing the foundations of solid HR systems for growing businesses. 

Anne-Lise is an advocate of progressive HR practices, with expertise in:  

  • Recruitment and talent acquisition
  • Performance management
  • Compliance (employee handbooks, job descriptions)
  • Supervisory training


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